Brunel for People

Brunel Australasia is proud to share our new Brunel for People website which is dedicated to showcasing some of the highly-skilled and experienced people we’re currently trying to reconnect with suitable employment.

Reconnecting talented people with opportunity

Hundreds of thousands of Australians have lost work as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and estimates suggest that this figure will continue to climb past one million before 2020 is through. At this scale, unemployment tends to become a discussion of numbers, not people. But each and every job lost impacts on a real person, their loved ones, dependents and self-esteem.

In creating Brunel for People we seek not only to help workers find new opportunities, but to remind organisations, employers and ourselves, that these candidates aren’t just a collection of qualifications and years served; they are our friends, our neighbours, our coworkers. They are people with hopes, dreams, responsibilities and obligations.

We implore you to visit and search for people with skills that could be put to good use in your organisation or project, and to begin a conversation which may have a huge impact on the lives of real people.