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  • Collage of women
    IWD 2021: It's time to be courageous
    This International Women's Day we're calling on men and women to question their perspectives and the hidden lessons they've absorbed regarding gender.
  • Australian desert horizon
    Leading Inclusion and Celebrating Diversity
    As a nation built on the strengths of our people, we are uniquely placed to lead the drive towards a future that celebrates every individual and their value in the workplace. Our processes will enable a collective success which will break negative cy ...
  • Blackboard
    Brunel Home Schooling
    2020 has been an unusual year. Now that we’re slowly emerging from our COVID mandated self-isolation, we are hearing some interesting tales that illustrate just how differently this period played out for each of us.
  • Soa 'The Hulk' Palelei
    Mental Health with Soa 'The Hulk' Palelei
    Brunel recently hosted a live webinar by former MMA champion and mental health advocate Soa ‘The Hulk’ Palelei. Soa’s inspiring, and at times confronting, story gripped the attention of the 40+ participants and delivered an important message about th ...
  • healthcare
    It is only because of you
    The past few weeks have been intense, challenging and unexpected. Now that the initial flurry needed to ensure the ongoing health and safety of our people, and their ability to keep working and generating an income, is in place, I feel that I can fin ...
  • Anzac hat with poppy
    Anzac Day Q&A with Jason Dunn, GM - Wellbeing, Safety & Health
    Brunel Australasia recently spent time speaking with our General Manager - Wellbeing, Safety & Health, Jason Dunn, about his views on Anzac Day and his own background serving in the Australian Defence Force.
  • Autism Awareness puzzle
    What Autism is and isn't with Querida Swinnerton
    Querida Swinnerton is Brunel Australasia's General Manager - Sales Enablement, a passionate diversity and inclusion advocate, and the mother of a beautiful young girl Summer (pictured left) who has autism. As part of Autism Awareness month Querida sh ...

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