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Workplace Autism Awareness Training

Brunel offers specialised training and recruitment services to support the creation of workplaces which are conducive to the needs and strengths of neurodiverse workers.

Removing barriers and connecting skills

Tailored to the requirements and employment goals of each organisation, employer or site, Brunel's services seek to build better workplaces, achieve corporate social responsibility objectives and provide greater employment prospects for the one in 54 people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Better outcomes for everyone 

Creating a work environment which is inclusive of people with autism, is not simply a morally or socially virtuous endeavour – by tapping into some of the unique skills and strengths characteristic of autistic individuals, organisations can attain a clear, measurable competitive advantage. While autism is a broad term which applies to an incredibly varied spectrum of conditions, some of the positive qualities typical of individuals with autism include:

  • Exceptional thoroughness and attention to detail
  • Unique thought processes which lead to novel solutions and creative outputs
  • Deep focus and resistance to distraction
  • Superior recall and ability to retain facts
  • A methodical or analytical outlook which is particularly effective at identifying patterns
  • High levels of determination, resilience and loyalty
  • Strong expertise in their chosen field, fueled by the aforementioned qualities

Autism Talent Programs

With a focus on developing internal capacity, our talent programs seek to build each organisation’s awareness, engagement and experience with neurodiverse workers while embedding inclusive work practices and culture. Available on any scale, this service can incorporate organisation-wide autism awareness training, specifiĀ­c HR and Manager training, pilot programs or large scale recruitment drives, Ongoing Business Enablement and Support (OBES) and post-placement coaching for both the employer and their new employees.

Autism Talent Match

The Autism Talent Match option is best suited to organisations that already have a well-developed knowledge of autism and have embedded neurodiverse inclusive programs and practices across their business. Talent match may also be suitable for small to medium business enterprises (e.g. 1-200 employees) who are looking to engage autistic talent into their workforce. Autistic Talent is sourced from a ‘pool’ of pre-assessed Specialisterne candidates, whose skills can be broadly matched to potential roles. May be facilitated onsite in your organisation’s physical workplace, or via online assessment and matching - or a blend of both. Suitable for organisations looking to ‘top-up’ an existing autistic workforce or provide a more responsive approach to meet an immediate skill or recruitment need. Not suitable for businesses seeking to target and recruit specifiĀ­c targeted skills and technical abilities.

Ongoing Business Enablement and Support

Brunel’s Ongoing Business Enablement and Support (OBES) is an essential part of our programs to maximise success of the placement. Support tends to be more involved in the first few months and tapers off as both the manager and new workers adapt. Our trained consultants provide comprehensive onboarding information to the manager of each worker so they can be operational quickly and their unique requirements met to provide a tailored and safe onboarding experience. Three months OBES is included in our standard pricing, however we recommend a total of 12 months OBES in most programs to ensure adequate adoption and embedding of learning and transition of program and new employees.

Capacity Building and Business Readiness

  • Neurodiversity business consultancy and advice
  • Training and education on Autism in the Workplace for managers, buddies, mentors, colleagues, HR and diversity
  • Individual manager/supervisor training and coaching
  • Mentor training and program coaching
  • Workplace environment assessments and business readiness consultancy
  • Review of HR practices and policies, consultancy on recruitment hiring, safety, and well-being
  • Candidate training and workplace preparation, including ‘Thriving at work’ pre-employment readiness coaching


Part of a global effort to transform our workplaces

Brunel's services are informed through our international partnership with the Specialisterne Foundation: a not for profit social enterprise committed to creating greater employment opportunities for autistic people.

Drawing from the knowledge and lived experiences of Specialisterne’s experts, Brunel deliver highly informed education, workplace training and targeted recruitment programs which support organisations to engage neurodiverse workers.

Read about our partnership with Specialisterne

Open your organisation to the potential of a neurodiverse workforce

Talk to Brunel about how our recruitment, training and support services can transform your organisation and connect you with the unique skills of a neurodiverse workforce.


Brunel acknowledges the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people of the many traditional lands and language groups of Australia. We acknowledge the wisdom of Elders both past and present, and pay respect to the communities of today. We recognise their continuing connection to the land, waters and community.