Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

A reliable, systematic approach to safety and quality

Brunel is committed to supporting safe working environments for all personnel. We offer flexible Health, Safety, Environment and Quality solutions including comprehensive HSEQ management, emergency response, compliance, injury management and workforce screening to support the ongoing health, safety and environment of your workforce.

Underpinned by a robust suite of management systems and procedures which are certified to ISO 18001 (OHS), AS/NZ 4801 (OHS) and ISO 9001 (Quality), Brunel continually seeks to improve the HSEQ services we offer, developing systems, documentation and processes which are tailored to each client’s unique site compliance requirements and aligned with industry best practice.

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HSEQ compliance

Brunel has developed systems and processes to ensure that we have in place the required HSEQ documentation and are compliant to site requirements. Brunel will implement necessary HSEQ bridging documents and emergency response procedures to ensure that a framework is established to assist in HSEQ management.

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Onsite assistance

Brunel can provide a range of onsite services including behavioural HSE, incident investigation, incident prevention, fitness for work requirements, VOCs and HSEQ inspections and audits. Brunel cares about the safety and wellbeing of its personnel and wishes to always play an active role in HSEQ requirements.

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24/7 Emergency Response

Brunel has a dedicated and trained 24/7 emergency response capability that ensures Brunel will be able to react to provide emergency response management to its personnel. The Brunel Emergency Response Team is a global network with professional medical and security assistance agencies and advisory services. All Brunel personnel are provided with this information at the time of their onboarding.

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Injury management

Brunel has a skilled team of dedicated professionals who are industry experts in injury management and workers compensation. Where incidents involve Brunel personnel, they will be cared and advocated for as well as managed to ensure they are productively engaged and rehabilitated. Brunel works with Occupational Physicians to ensure that all injured personnel are able to return to their normal duties safe and promptly.

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Return to work programs

Brunel has an active safety and rehabilitation team, which monitors the treatment of employees, work related accidents and ensures their safe and timely return to the workforce. Through our Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Brunel offers support to personnel to ensure that they are at their best when on the job, working as efficiently and safely as possible.

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