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Brunel offer comprehensive end-to-end recruitment services for both permanent and casual positions. Our experts draw upon a combination of well-developed local talent pools and our extensive global network to effectively attract, vet and connect you with the skills and people your project requires. Whether you need white or blue-collar workers, full site manning or just one or two hard-to-source specialists, Brunel can deliver on your personnel needs simply and quickly.

We operate in a range of disciplines and industry sectors, dealing in permanent positions, contract roles and temporary assignments across both technical specialists as well as trades and craft labour.

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The Australian resource industry specialist

Brunel has a long history and deep affinity with the resource industry. In Australia we have strong ties to the oil & gas, mining, infrastructure and renewables sectors, and have worked hand-in-hand with a diverse range of clients to deliver some of the region’s largest projects. Brunel has a thorough understanding of the regulations, market conditions, qualifications, skill sets, experience and qualities required for the positions we recruit and the outcomes we seek to support.

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Attraction, selection, onboarding and more

Brunel’s strategic recruitment process incorporates the attraction or identification of suitable candidates, screening and assessment of working history as well as reference, qualification, work eligibility checks and safety profiling before presenting shortlisted personnel for the client’s selection. Post-selection, we cover pre-employment checks, negotiation of contract, onboarding and mobilisation of the new recruit.

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Retained and Executive Search

Brunel work closely with our clients to develop detailed candidate skill and experience profiles which we are then able to use to effectively identify and target suitably-skilled passive candidates in comparable organisations.

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Access to a global candidate pool

Brunel utilises a tailor-made database to manage our extensive pool of skilled professionals worldwide. This system not only makes it simple for us to identify and reach out to rare or highly-skilled individuals, but is also configured to help us keep track of HSEQ and training compliance, injury management, reporting, record keeping and other HR requirements – making it quick and easy to check and provide assurances regarding all of our candidates and personnel.

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Deeper safety and culture insights

Making the right hire depends on far more than just a candidate’s skills and experience – you need to understand the impact each individual will have on the overall productivity and wellbeing of your workplace and staff. Brunel takes the time to accurately capture a complete understanding of your needs and can provide pre-hire safety and cultural fit assessment tools in concert with our rigorous medical, criminal and employment history checks to support you to make the right decision.

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